Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974 Opening Sequence

The video below is the last of the three horror openings I will be analysing, and is the opening to the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, considered one of the best horrors ever made.

This is a great opening sequence, simple yet creepy, and great at building tension. The sequence doesn't show much, avoiding the murderous rampages or tedious jump scares that plague so many modern horror openings. Instead we are treated to a quick background of the true story, some flashes of a body, and a close up of corpse, from which the camera slowly zooms out. This allows the opening to creep out the audience with the opening, while at the same time keeping the source of the horror a mystery. This is something I wish to replicate in my own opening, creating tension whilst also maintaining mystery. The quick flashes of the body are effective, showing bits of the corpse and then hitting you with it at the end, creating a great moment of horror. This is something I mentioned in the Dexter opening sequence, where bits of Dexter are shown through out, and then we seem him fully at the end. On that post I mentioned that if this was done in a horror film it could be done to great effect, as seen here. This is an idea I could use to great effect within my own opening to create tension and horror.

Sound also plays an important part. The voice over at the beginning is deadly serious and very creepy, helping to emphasise the fact it is a true story that is being portrayed. The radio at the end also has a menacing effect also helping to sell the fact it's based on a true story. Furthermore, the percussion on the zoom out adds to the atmosphere and the creepiness. However, as I have stated I will be avoiding music and instead relying on natural sounds.

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