Friday, 14 February 2014

Distribution: Film 4

Film 4 started as Film 4 productions in 1982, owned by Channel Four Television Productions. In 1998 it was rebranded as Film 4, along with the launch of the Film 4 channel we know today.

Film 4 handles distribution for many British films, and collaborates frequently with British production companies such as Warp Films. If we were making an actual film we would contact Film 4 to distribute our film. Due to their support of British Independent film, Film 4 would make a great distributer for a British Independent horror film like ours would be. Film 4 would allow our movie to be screened across the UK as well as abroad, due to their experience. Furthermore, they would easily be able to promote our film via their channel, through special programmes in between the other movies on their channel, and also by showing it. We will be putting the Film 4 titles at the beginning of our sequence, to help make our titles and sequence more credible. In addition we will also create a production company with it's own titles to go along with the Film 4 titles.

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