Monday, 24 February 2014


Below are pictures of Lego men being used to demonstrate the script and story of the opening sequence, as well as the shots that will be used:
The first shots will be shots of the location, accompanied by titles. The titles will take centre stage, however the location will be clearly visible. This well help to elaborate on the mysterious setting without going into too much detail.

These close up shots show different parts of the main character. Starting from the feet, and ending on his gas mask covered face. Slowly revealing the character helps add to the mystery, and the close ups of the gun and gas mask help to show danger is present.
Follow shots will be used to follow the main character as he explores the desolate woodland, his goal and identity are a mystery helping to add to the tension of the sequence.

When the main character finds the body a shot reverse shot is used. The first shot shows the character has seen something, creating tension. It is then revealed what the character is looking at, the dead body, and then we see how he reacts through his body language as his face is masked. The shot reverse shot helps advance the sequence as the character is now aware of a potential threat.

The character investigates the body and the makeshift shack housing it. A mid shot is used so that the body the shack and the main character are all visible.

The final shot is a pov shot of a threat that is not revealed. The threat hurtles toward the main character until collision, and then the sequence cuts to black.


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