Monday, 24 February 2014

Target Audience: Horror Fans

The main target audience of our film are horror fans, as our sequence is in the horror genre.
The results of the survey I carried out show horror is a popular genre. This can also be seen due to the fact the horror film World War Z was the third most viewed movie on IMDB in 2013. Our sequence will attract horror fans in a number of ways.

One reason lots of people watch horror films is due to the fact they can be very tense. Our sequence involves a lot of tension due to the shots and props used, as well as the mystery of the character and the story. The fact viewers don't know where and who they are watching, as well as the fact they don't know what's happen, makes the sequence tense and mysterious.

The aesthetic of the sequence is similar to horror films such as 28 Days Later, due to the props, and The Evil Dead, due to the location. These factors could be used to appeal the sequence to fans of these films.

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