Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Target Audience: Teenagers

Audience research is important to show who you can appeal your film to, allowing you to make and advertise your film accordingly.

A large portion of horror film audiences are teenagers, as they are the main target audience of a large amount of modern horror films. Many modern horror films feature a group of dim witted teens falling victim to a murdering maniac, or the kid they bullied at school posing as a monster, so he can scare and then butcher them for revenge. This kind of horror is referred to as teen horror, or slasher horror. The young cast means teenagers can relate to the characters, and the plot of a person or creature killing them off is easy to follow, making slashers and teen horror films perfect for teenagers looking for an easy film to watch in the cinema or at a movie night with friends. Examples of these films include: Friday the 13th, Sorority Row, the more recent Texas Chainsaw Massacre films. Evidence these films are aimed at teenagers and young adults can be found on IMDB, where 29240 of the 57952 of the people who voted, are aged 18-29.

However, I will be avoiding this type of horror, opting for something more tense and suspenseful. I will be taking elements from this genre though, as it is popular with young audience, and so the borrowed elements may attract viewers from that audience. The main element I will be borrowing is the presence of a killer. However, the killer will be unseen throughout, leaving it's appearance and motives to the audience to interpret.

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