Monday, 20 January 2014

Preliminary Task

This is my groups preliminary task, in which we had to display three different filming techniques.

The first technique is shot reverse shot. This is seen at the end of the clip during the conversation, in which the camera switches between the two people speaking. This is a useful technique to use in conversation as it allows the speaker to be tracked, it is also useful for building suspense, showing a character in horror, then showing the viewer what they are looking at, and then returning to the character for the final reaction.

The next rule is match on action. This can be seen when the first person walks through the door. The camera shows the person opening the door  from one side, and then coming through on the other. This rule is good for keeping a film consistent, and avoiding mistakes.

The final rule is the 180 degree rule, which is seen most clearly at the end during the conversation. The 180 degree rule keeps the action within a 180 degree view of the camera, and the view is only changed with pan or follow shots, and not quick cuts. This also helps to keep a film consistent, maintaing a natural view for the audience, and avoiding confusing them.

1 comment:

  1. the acting could of been better i think but some great camera work credit to the camera man where it is needed