Thursday, 23 January 2014

Halloween Opening

The following video is the opening sequence to John Carpenters horror classic Halloween, released in 1978. 

The fact it is filmed in point of view (pov), makes it more suspenseful, as you cannot see the killer, but you can see what he sees. This is tense, as you can witness the killers progress through the dark house as he slowly moves in for the kill. The tense pov is effective, and pov is something I wish to utilize in my own opening sequence, keeping the killing force a mystery, whilst also letting the audience know the killer is present. The constant synth in the background further adds to the suspense of the sequence, however, i believe silence or relying on natural sounds will be far scarier, creating an unsettling mood of silence with the occasional snap of a twig.

What makes the pov further effective, is it allows for the big reveal at the end of the sequence, whilst also allowing you to see the brutal murder. Pov helps to further add to the brutality, as seen in the recent film Maniac, which is completely filmed in pov. All in all I will draw from Carpenters effective use of pov to create tense shots from the view of the killer.

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