Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Analysing the World War Z opening sequence

The video above is the opening credits to the film World War Z, based on the book by the same name. The credits start with the studios involved and the director, standard for most movies, followed by the cast. Brad Pitt heads the cast, being the biggest actor in the film, and the cast is followed by other important roles such as the composer and casting director.
The names of the cast and crew are a white bold in front of a black section, with archive footage playing next to the names. The archive footage begins with general shots of crowds and clips from daytime television, but soon falls into violent news reports and videos of aggressive animal behaviour. It is possible the juxtaposition created via the clips is there to represent the world falling into gradual chaos, building up to the apocalyptic events that follow in the film. This introduces the film with an image of what is happening, giving viewers a bit of background.
Isolated System, the song playing through out, helps to create the creepy atmosphere present in the opening credits, and shows how important music can be in an opening sequence. All in all the sequence is an excellent one, creating a creepy atmosphere that fits the film. Using this sequence as a template, archive footage could be used to great effect in my own sequence.

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