Monday, 11 November 2013

Analysing the Snatch opening sequence

The video above is sequence from the film Snatch. Unlike most openings, instead of acting as credits, the sequence instead introduces the audience to the films many diverse characters. Just like the timeline sequence from Watchmen, it gives viewers insight into the characters present in the movie. But unlike that sequence, the sequence in Snatch is purely focused on it's characters. With a film that includes this many major characters, an opening like this is an excellent way of ensuring that your audience knows who is who, avoiding confusion and allowing the audience to focus on the film's crazy plot.

One of the best aspects of this sequence is the transitions used to move on to each character. This helps the sequence to flow, as slideshow like transitions are avoided, and instead we are treated to clever jumps to the next of the film's many sociopaths. Whilst being a fast paced opening, we are still able to gather a bit of background on each character involved. For example, we see 'Boris The Blade' holding a gun, suggesting his line of work involves firearms. The names of the characters are also shown, with a comic style freeze frame for each. A final important part of this sequence is the music present through out. It sounds like something that belongs in the background of a hustle or con, and is perfect for this sequence, maintaining the feel of a more light hearted crime thriller.

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