Monday, 31 March 2014

Question 5: How did you attract/ address your target audience?

We tried to attract the people in our target audience through a number of different ways.
Our target audience was mainly horror fans, of an age 16+. More specifically thriller-horror fans. We came to this conclusion that this would be our target audience by researching on IMDB and conducting a survey. We chose this target audience because we felt that we could make our film appeal to this audience more than others, through different ways.

First of all we created a film poster that would be used to appeal to people, this poster would be placed in all sorts of places that people are likely to see them for example bus stops. The image that we used on the poster was one from the opening sequence, we used this because it gives the peson viewing the poster something to think about, and also make them wonder what the film was about and why it was called 'hazmat'.

We also used younger actors, as we felt this would best appeal to the target audience, because they may be able to relate to the film a lot more. In addition to this, we felt that as it was a younger target audience, we could advertise and promote our film a lot easier and in many more different ways to the other groups. We created a Facebook page for our film, where we will upload the opening sequence, and the posters etc. This is also a place for people to ask questions about the film, we felt that this would address the target audience well because it would give them more of a personal feel towards the film. Similarly we also created a Twitter account to target people, this way we could search for different hashtags, such as (hashtag horror), this would make our advertising more direct than Facebook because you can see who the horror fans are. Both Twitter and Facebook were both good ways of addressing and attracting our target audience because first of all, our target audience is 16+, and most 16 year olds use Twitter and Facebook so it was very effective, they are both also free, so it did not cost us anything to advertise our product and try to attract our target audience through social media.
In addition to this we uploaded our opening sequence to Youtube, this was once again a free way of advertising our film, we could also interlink these Social media sites, by uploading links to the Twitter and Facebook accounts, this way we could see how many people were watching the video. Our video was also posted on Google+, so this was the main way that we addressed our target audience was through social media. 

Another way in which we attracted our audience is through mise-en-scene. The props which we used (gun,hazmat suit and gas mask) are mostly going to attract people within our target audience, particularly teenage boys.

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