Friday, 21 March 2014

Inspiration for Movie Poster

We are creating a movie poster to help promote our opening sequence, below are some movie posters that have been evaluated to get ideas for our own poster.

Halloween 2:

The second film of the new Halloween series features a creepy and effective poster to help advertise it. The center image is strong and features an iconic character, so can hold the poster on its own. A strong image can be used to grab peoples attention. The poster is effective as it tells you all you need to know through a strong image. The masked figure, Michael Myers, and the black and white show it will be a horror film featuring the character on the poster. Information, such as the name and director of the film is found on the bottom left of the poster, allowing viewers to attain the important information about the film without the information detracting from the power of the image in the centre of the poster.
Drawing from this a strong image would allow us to create a simple and effective poster.

30 Days of Night:

Just like the Halloween 2 poster, this poster for the film 30 Days of Night features a strong central image. The central image is heavily stylised and is very effective in catching the attention of viewers. The poster is simple but effective, and the stylisation allows it to appeal to funs of the graphic novel the film is based on. Not much information is displayed on the poster as it is a teaser poster, however it is still useful for inspiration for our own poster. The colours used are also effective. The use of two solid colours such as red and black strikes viewers and helps to grab attention. Red and black also help indicate the film is a horror, with red being the colour of blood and black representing darkness. Drawing from this strong use colour will help us to make a strong poster.

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